Lunchtime Yoga

1 hour Hatha Flow classes designed to improve strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on the breath to help calm the mind. Specific focus on neck and shoulder release as well as chest opening to combat sitting at a desk all day.

£5 per person
Group of 10 approx

*Please note these classes are for employees of Jisc. If you’d like details regarding group classes at your business please get in touch.

Initially introduced to Yoga by my mum, I fell in love with the practice and little by little, it began to change everything. From the way I move, to the way I breathe to the way I think. After being a dedicated Yoga student for years, and being continually inspired by the positive power yoga has on body and mind, I moved to Spain and became a Yoga teacher. I qualified in Hatha Yoga, and continued to teach a variety of group and private classes in Spain for 2 years. Compelled to visit the birthplace of Yoga, I went on a 3 month trip to India and qualified in teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow. I see Yoga as a gift, and have witnessed the healing benefits of a regular practice in myself and many of my students. My aim is to teach with compassion, inspire and in our distraction-led culture to help people stop, listen and connect with themselves.