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Initially introduced to Yoga by her mum, Helen fell in love with the practice and little by little, it began to change everything.

After being a dedicated Yoga student for years, and being continually inspired by the positive power yoga has on body and mind, Helen moved to Spain and became a Yoga teacher. She qualified in Hatha Yoga, and continued to teach a variety of group and private classes in Spain for 2 years. Compelled to visit the birthplace of Yoga, she went on a 3 month trip to India and qualified in teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow.

Helen sees Yoga as a gift, and has witnessed the healing benefits of a regular practice in herself and many of her students. Her aim is to teach with compassion, inspire and in our distraction-led culture to help people stop, listen and connect with themselves.

My classes are suitable for everyone – my class mantra is to ‘listen to your body’. I’m a big believer that we should all look different on the mat and I offer variations on poses so that you can challenge yourself as much or as little as you like.

Every class I teach is different as I am guided by my intuition according to who attends each class. But I believe the best yoga classes are ones which allow the spine to move in every direction and incorporate poses to encourage strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on the breath to focus and calm the mind, always ending with deep relaxation.

Having qualified in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, I tend to incorporate both styles and would describe my classes as uplifting and grounding Hatha Flow. I teach private classes as well as group sessions so if you need to decrease your stress and anxiety levels and increase your energy, strength and flexibility – please get in touch and join me on the mat!